A warm welcome to the random and incoherent thoughts of Mark Haworth.

I’ve started to try to pull together all the assorted web sites I’ve got under the “umbrella” of this site. The whole process will likely take some time. In addition, I’m hoping to keep it relatively up to date with either content related to what I’ve been up to, or just my thoughts on what may be topical at the time.

Born in ’59, my formative years were the late sixties and seventies. I’ll not bore you with the details here, but most of what I’m interested in, and persue now, developed from those early years. I was lucky enough to pass the 11+ and go to what I still regard as the best school you could go to in the Southport at the time, King George V Grammar School for Boys. It gave me an excellent grounding that subsequently allowed me to develop my education at the University of Liverpool doing Electronic Engineering. And it’s engineering that’s driven me throughout most if not all of my career. I still love it.

I guess from the pages of this site, you can see what my interests are. You’ll eventually find more detail on those pages once I can find the time to get everything written down!

I’ve been happily married to Sheila for over 30 years now, and have two wonderful “kids” in Clare and Michael, both of whom I’m very proud of. It’s astonishing how quickly time passes! In the meantime, remember, live life to the full, do what you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. ah! A fellow “Old Georgian”. I was at KGV from 82 to 87. It certainly was the best school in the area. I went on to do Civil Engineering at Liverpool. Ian G1DFT Southport

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