About me

Hard to sum up nearly sixty years (and hopefully counting) in a paragraph, but here goes.

Personal – Married for thirty two years to Sheila, with a daughter Clare and son Michael. Won’t give their ages here, they’ll kill me, but suffice it to say they’re not kids any more. Live in, and always have, Southport in Lancashire (not Merseyside please…) in North West England.

Except for two fabulous years working for Royal Ordnance, I’ve always worked in the Telecoms industry. Entered it back in the late seventies as an Electronic Engineering graduate from the University of Liverpool (not Liverpool University). I’ve done just about everything from design (both hardware and software) to test, manufacture, services. When I say “everything”, I specifically exclude sales, since as an engineer, in my view that doesn’t count 🙂 I currently work for Ericsson, and even after thirty odd years in the business, I still enjoy it!

I’ve had, and continue to have many interests, and hopefully these will feature as part of this blog. In no particular order, Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Running, Archaeology, all things “tech and gadget”, the technical side of theatre and the plain simple luxuries of simply walking in such wonderful places as the Lake District. Oh, and when I can, I also play golf.

I’ll keep this brief, so that’s it for now, it was only supposed to be a summary anyhow.


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