Quarter 4 2013 running summary…

Rather than spamming my twitter feed with constant updates on where, when and how long I’m out running, I’m going to try and provide a monthly and quaterly update on how many miles I’ve covered.

Since I started my running back mid 2011, I’ve now covered in excess of 2,500 miles. As some of you may know, my job can take me abroad quite a lot, so I’ve been lucky enough to be able to run in some pretty cool places. When that’s not possbile (or safe), a gym treadmill has to suffice.

So, the results are in, for October, November and December 2013 I clocked up 282 miles, which averages out at 94 miles a month, a little under my target of 100. Must do better in 2014! That said, in order to preserve the old knees, I’ve also started swimming a fair bit. Each day is likely to be a swim or a run, with probably one day a week off. Current “normal” run is 7 miles and usual swim is 1 mile.

Here’s to an active 2014!


Web site(s) consolidation

Over the coming weeks I’ll be attempting to pull all the various sites I have (with the exception of the Internet Radio Linking status pages) into this site.

No expense has been spared, I’ve coughed up $18 and this site can now be found at http://g4eid.com although I’m led to believe the old wordpress address will still work.

It may, (in fact probably will) all look a little random as this process is underway and I continually tweak around with themes, formats and settings, but bear with me, hopefully it’ll all be worth it.


GB3OA – further updates

Probably easier just to say head over to the web site of the repeater, http://gb3oa.org.uk and take a look around there.

Since coming back on air, activity has been good, the coverage from the new site is certainly more in line with the NOV, and now that the internet linking is back on too, there are plenty of opportunities to work stations all over the world from just a handheld in and around Southport.

Have fun to all those licensed who are near enough to be able to access it!