Further on BT (Residential) Broadband

Further update. Still on BT (Residential), my speed has dropped to 5MB/s as opposed to 10MB/s on O2. Service so far is woeful. DNS servers timing out and still can’t change the hub settings. Pages take an eternity to show up when browsing.

If anyone is thinking of shifting to BT I’d seriously advice against it.

So, my “port” to the business service is due to complete by midnight Friday, I’m hoping I should be ok at that point, if not, sod the termination charges, I’ll pay them and be off, this service is simply not good enough as it stands.

Anyone got any good recommendations? Seriously hacked off that O2 (BE Broadband) have sold out to Sky (although I can understand why), but my last experience with Sky wasn’t good, but at the moment I’d consider anything other than BT. PlusNet? Zen?


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