Handicap heading South

I’ve been trying to get back into golf over the last year or so, nothing too excessive (in comparison to how often I used to play), but at least often enough to justify my membership fee. While it’s clear I still enjoy playing, it’s equally clear that I’m nowhere near as good (a relative term) as I used to be.

My target is to reduce my handicap from 19 to 17, it doesn’t sound much, but it’s proving to be very challenging. Three competitive rounds so far this year, and all have pushed ithe handicap the wrong way.

At least my lad Mikey is now a member, so I should at least see one of the family reducing their handicap, he’s got more potential than I ever had, and I look forward to when his handicap will be lower than mine!



Well there you go, finally an exit poll that got it right 🙂

Rather liked Boris’s take on the result, that the electorate had delivered a stinging rebuke to all parties. As to what happens now I guess is down to how courageous both Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg are going to be. History tells us there’s likely to be another election before too long though…