Got our membership through for Lancashire a few weeks back, so, on the way home from work last night, popped in to watch a couple of overs of the match against Kent. Very civilised! Really enjoyed walking around the pavillion and my ice cream 🙂


Less is more

I picked up my new car this week. Noticed one of those offers that was just too good to refuse, so for the first time in my life I now own a French car. God that sounds awful. How could I do such a thing? Put simply, money! While I can justify spending “that liitle bit extra” for something special, I couldn’t justify spending what my previous car was costing in comparison to this. So, a Citroen it is, better economy, cheaper tax, cheaper insurance, and a cheaper payment 🙂 And in addition to that, it’s quite comfy too 🙂

This of course hasn’t altered my view of the French! I wasted years of my life at school trying to learn that sodding language, and for what? Everybody speaks English, as of course they should when most of the world map should still be coloured pink 😉


Doctor Who

After a brilliant start to the new series, I must confess to being a little disappointed with the last two episodes. Maybe I’m expecting too much since it’s really only a kid’s programme. I’m really hoping the episode, a sequel to “Blink” by Mr. Moffat is as good as the first!