Really must get back to this…

January since me last update? Surely not!

Having given myself a good talking to, I’m now back on the case. Aim now is have have more updates, but smaller in size. The idea is that it won’t take as much time.

And today’s topic? The forthcoming election in the UK. No I’m not going to reveal my “colours” since I’ve gone off politics completely over recent years. I’d argue they all morph into one and the same party. What I miss are politicians with conviction who say what they genuinely believe in, and stick to it. I’m talking of the likes of Tony Benn and Maggie Thatcher. Poles apart on the spectrum, but both superb politicians. We need more like them now.

*But*, what must happen is that at least folk should vote. Generations have fought and continue to die for us to be able to place that “X” somewhere. Lord knows I can’t really choose between any of them any more, but I know I’m going to vote. It’s democracy, and I’d rather not have any of the other so called “systems” that exist around the world.

Rant over. Wonder if the Monster Raving Loony Party are standing locally…


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