Time to relax…

Well after a very hectic few months, it’s finally time to take some leave. Have been off since Monday, but as ever, it’s taken a few days to unwind. Still doing the odd thing, but only to make the return to the office a little less painful 🙂

So, what’s new? Well for one I’ve ordered my new car, it’s being built on the 27th November in Germany. Hopefully for delivery early December. I’ve pushed the boat out this time and gone for the top spec Ford Kuga. Fully loaded with just about everything, after a test drive in one at that level of spec, anything less had to be a disappointment! Hope to keep this one for a few years, so intend to install some amateur radio gear to make driving up and down the country a little less mundane, not sure what to get, or how to install it yet, but looking forward to it all the same.

Had a laptop disaster (works machine), I disconnected it from the work domain, only to find I could no longer log in or change it back. Not clever. Shan’t be doing that again. Fortunately, all my data is backed up so didn’t loose any of that, only about a month’s mail. Back up and running now.

Talking of running, what happened to my fitness drive? I’ll tell you what, it fizzled out like all the rest, although I did go for a run earlier this week *and* have just bought a new pair of running shoes, maybe tomorrow I may just try them 🙂

And what’s happened to my beloved Liverpool? Don’t think four games lost on the bounce counts as just a “blip”, I’m not going to offer my thoughts here, since I don’t have access to any of the facts as to what’s going on. Sure, there’s plenty of speculation on the owners, keep / sack Rafa and all the usual stuff. All I know is something’s wrong, the players appear dis-interested at the moment and without the dynamic duo or Torres and Gerrard, all is currently woe. Just the right time to play Man Utd then, if they can’t lift temselves for that, it’s time to give up.

Still over a week to go on leave yet, it’s now time to catch up on some of the outstanding jobs around the house!

Until next time…


They think it’s all over….

Well the geese have arrived a week or two ago, so that’s it. Summer is officially over. Must confess I must be losing my marbles, I was convinced the clocks went back last weekend in September, but apparently it’s October. Must be losing the plot. Either way, since the geese arrived, we’ve had one or two quite nice days. Wonder what the winter’s going to be like? If previous years are to go by, probably quite wet and warmer to what I remember when I was a lot younger 🙂

Ended up with a new phone from work, sadly had an accident with the P1i, dropped the damned thing. Not clever. Now have a G700, after initial reservations, have to confess it’s growing on me, nevertheless, it’s not a BlackBerry therefore it’ll never be loved.

A very busy spell at work continues, but hopefully should quieten off a little before year end, hoping for some time off in October and a nice long Christmas break, may even try and get back into Amateur Radio, one of my hobbies that’s kind of taken a back seat over recent years.

On the sporting front, weekends are now back to “normal” (whatever that is), since the cricket season finished, I think next year I may try and keep the games down to just Saturday or Sunday, both days is a bit too much. It’s nice to try and get at least one day to chill out. Really impressed with the new golf clubs I got for my birthday, but only got to try out for the first time this week! Maybe it’s just because they’re new, but the “custom fit” appears to have done the trick, I appear to be able to hit the ball (fairly) straight. Looking for a handicap reduction next year then!

Also thinking of changing the car, I’m doing too many miles and need to sort something out, thinking of a Ford Kuga. Can anyone convince me why not?

Right, bacon butty time, before a long overdue tidy up in the office, why can’t I ever keep it tidy, it’d be so much easier 🙂