Another false dawn?

Well I hope not 🙂 I’ve been following several characters on Twitter and one thing that does come across, is the fact that most, regardless of how busy their lives are, always seem to make some time for the gym and / or general fitness activities. If they can find the time, there’s no excuse for me.

So today, for the first time in several months, I went for a morning run. Granted, it’s only two miles, but for my ageing joints (and weight) it’s enough 🙂 I have to say I felt dreadful during it, but after a nice relaxing shower and some (light) breakfast, all now seems well. Sure I’m aching a little, but that will soon pass. If I’m to get back into cricket with any degree of conviction I need to do this and loose some weight.
Most sportsmen seem to set themselves small targets in the immediate future, “only thinking of next game” and all that. I’m going to do the same. I’m giving myself until my birthday to see if I can shed around 4kg.
I’ve stocked up on Ryvita and yogurts, let’s see how it goes. Just don’t ask me to give up alcohol though, I look forward to my odd pint and glass of wine 😉


While Mikey was away on a school activity weekend, we grabbed the opportunity for a weekend away in York. Can’t recall when we were last there, but must be several years ago.

Well, we were blessed with great weather, and spent a very enjoyable Saturday having a walk around the city. This time we used the park and ride, which I’d thoroughly recommend, it’s cheap and very convenient. York always fascinates me, it’s got such a rich history. Even though religion doesn’t do a great deal for me, the sounds of the bells of the Minster, with it’s awe inspiring beauty is something that I defy anyone not to be moved by.

The blend of shops within the city is spot on too, it caters for all needs, in fact while taking a look at cameras in Jessops, I bumped into an old school friend who I’ve not seen for years!

We took a stroll down the river bank, as well as part of the city walls. If Clare, (our daughter), decides to go to University there, we’d be happy to visit 🙂

Anyway, all safely back now, and looking forward to a belated Sunday roast!


Home alone…

Well, we’re surviving quite well. The wife and daughter have travelled to Jersey for a few days, (where it’s rained all week so far), for a short break leaving me and Mikey to fend for ourselves.

So far so good. On top of the washing (although sadly ironing tonight), eating well, and generally keeping on top of things. Sure, I have a “little list” that was left to assist us in not forgetting things, but that’s what makes blokes tick 🙂

Probably overdid the bangers and mash last night, ended up with about a ton each, and for me, washed down with a small bottle of Stella which is my little indulgence each day!

Shame about Jersey though, by all accounts, almost a total washout, whereas here at home it’s been dry. Granted not particularly sunny, but pleasant nonetheless.

Just finished preparing Mikey’s packed lunch, when I pick him up after school, we’re going to pop into town to have a look at what new phones are out, his contract is due up soon. Talking of which, while in Jersey, both Sheila and Clare’s phones (O2 & Orange) are both eating battery. Have managed to instruct them to turn 3G off and all now seems well.

Until next time.